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The Industry's First NVMe-oFs Array for Modern Rack-Scale Applications

Pavilion Data Solutions

Pavilion Data brings together experienced technology professionals with expertise in storage system architecture, network switch design, dense micro-server architectures, and solid-state storage technology to deliver a ground-breaking NVMe-oF, rack-scale storage system design that is purpose-built to take advantage of memory-class media available both today and in the future.

Deliver Truly Next-Generation IT

Get the utilization and management benefits of shared accelerated storage in rack-scale, massively parallel, clustered compute environments, without compromising performance or operational agility.

Featured Product

Pavilion Data NVMe-oF Storage Array

Pavilion Data NVMe-oF Storage Platform

World's First, and Only NVMe Over Fabrics Shared Accelerated Storage Platform

Pavilion delivers the true benefits of NVMe flash for today's modern massively-parallel data applications

Pavilion Data is Industry's only NVMe Over Fabrics Storage Platform. It is a true end-to-end NVMe solution, from the host all the way down to the media. The platform is 100% standards compliant with zero host-side presence or dependencies. It is built for the modern massively parallel and clustered web and analytics applications.

Pavilion delivers the true benefits of NVMe flash and storage class memory for today's modern massively parallel data applications. By allowing NVMe SSDs to be shared over an Ethernet fabric, Pavilion unshackles it from the confines of a server to be shared across an entire application cluster.