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Pavilion NVMe-oF Storage Array
World's First, and Only NVMe Over Fabrics Shared Accelerated Storage Platform

Pavilion Data NVMe-oF Storage Platform

Sorry, this product is no longer available, please contact us for a replacement.


Pavilion delivers the true benefits of NVMe flash for today's modern massively-parallel data applications

Pavilion Data is Industry’s only NVMe Over Fabrics Storage Platform. It is a true end-to-end NVMe solution, from the host all the way down to the media. The platform is 100% standards compliant with zero host-side presence or dependencies. It is built for the modern massively parallel and clustered web and analytics applications.

Pavilion delivers the true benefits of NVMe flash and storage class memory for today's modern massively parallel data applications. By allowing NVMe SSDs to be shared over an Ethernet fabric, Pavilion unshackles it from the confines of a server to be shared across an entire application cluster.

The Power of Parallelism

NVMe is a new storage technology and it is inherently parallel. It is 250 times more parallel than SAS and 2000 times more parallel than SATA. Today, Modern web (transactional) and Machine Learning/AI (real-time analytics) applications are built on massively parallel clustered databases and filesystems because of their highperformance requirements. Examples include Cassandra, MongoDB, HDFS, GPFS, etc.

Pavilion’s Storage Platform delivers the next generation of composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) by separating storage from computing resources to allow them to scale and grow independently. In today’s large-scale environments it allows customers to become more agile by delivering the exact amount of composable resources at any given time.

The 2nd Wave of NVMe

To take advantage and deliver of this massive parallelism in modern storage media, and to deliver this raw, parallel performance to modern data applications, Pavilion had to challenge legacy scale-up or scale-out storage architectures. We had to rethink how storage platforms should be built with NVMe for the applications of tomorrow in mind. To that end, we designed a purpose-built NVMe platform from the ground up; a platform that can truly exploit this parallelism and deliver it natively to the modern data applications.

NVMe protocol vastly simplifies the host stack and it results in a massive reduction in host CPU utilization. To deliver on NVMe’s promise, we knew we needed to rely on standards-based NVMe-oF protocol that is native and inbox to most modern server OSes. Unlike other designs, we deliver the true performance of NVMe without encumbering the host with additional proprietary drivers or software.

The result? And ultra-modular 4RU Chassis platform that provides seamless, independent performance and capacity expansion and we realize that an Enterprise AFA is not a JBOF or an appliance. That’s why, when designing our platform, data availability and resiliency was of paramount importance. With no single point of failure, true N:1 redundant controllers, Dual-Parity RAID, Snapshots and clones, and thin provisioning our customers now reap the benefits of shared resources but with the performance of DAS at scale.

Enterprise Ready - All time is up time
Enterprise Ready - All time is up time

All components are fully-redundant and hot-swappable, including active-active storage controllers, management controllers, PCIe Fabric, NVMe drives, fans, and power-supplies, offering unmatched availability and resiliency.

Enterprise Data Management

Dual Parity RAID Protection, Thin Provisioning, and Zero-space instant snapshots are just a handful of enterprise features built into the platform. A simple and intuitive web-based management GUI is complemented with standard storage management features such as REST API, SNMP, and Active Directory integration. Built in telemetry powers our cloud-based analytics engine for pro-active, predictive scenario modeling and support.

Commodity off the shelf components

Pavilion leverages standard x86 components throughout, including off the shelf processors and SSDs. No custom ASICs or FPGAs. This leads to rapid innovation and ability to leverage the latest technologies leading to unparalleled density and performance.

Commodity off the shelf components

100% Standards Compliant NVMe-oFs

Standard Ethernet networking, Standard NVMe SSDs, Standard host software stacks… Pavilion does not require any custom software to be installed on application hosts by working with standard RoCE 40GbE or 100GbE adapters, and any v1.x compliant NVMe-oFs driver. Host resources are not required to scale performance, freeing up those resources for scaling applications, not storage.

100% Standards Compliant NVMe-oFs

Disruptive Economics

At 25X less expensive than All-Flash Arrays in terms of $/IOPS, the Pavilion NVMe-oF Storage Platform is designed not just for your exotic applications, but is the one platform for all your applications.

Disruptive Economics



  • 120 GB/s Read, 60 GB/s Write
  • 100 us Latency
  • 20m 4K Random Read IOPS


  • Up to 20 Active/Active controllers


  • 14 TB - 1 PB in 4U


  • Up to 40 100 Gbe Ports

Data Management

  • Dual-Parity RAID
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Snapshots & Clones

100% Standards Compliant

  • Up to 72 U.2 NVMe SSDs
  • Inbox NVMe-oF Support
  • TCP and RDMA Transports Supported Simultaneously

Standard Components

  • x86 Processors
  • No FPGAs
  • No Custom ASICs

Disruptive Economics

  • Lowest $/IOPS
  • OPENCHOICE Storage

OpenChoice Storage:

OpenChoice Supported NVMe SSD Families

  • Micron 9200
  • HGST SN200
  • Samsung 1725b
  • Intel P4800X, P4510, P4610

Pavilion OpenChoice Storage allows customers to purchase their own SSDs to use in the Pavilion chassis. This allows customers to enjoy several benefits:

  • Freedom to Innovate by embracing and ugrading to the next generation SSDs at the customer’s pace, based upon the customer’s business needs
  • Freedom to Repurpose by reusing and repurposing storage media and capacity to/from anywhere in a customer’s environment, as often as needed
  • Freedom to Save by leveraging direct NVMe SSD supplier relationships

OpenChoice includes Next Business Day support but does not provide warranty on customer-owned SSDs. Pavilion simply licenses the populated NVMe drive slots (per year) and customers purchase a variable number of controllers and network ports depending upon their application requirements.

Innovate on your timeline

OpenChoice is a new model that defies conventional thinking about how storage is procured and deployed. By eliminating Big Storage’s tightly-controlled, three-year storage refresh cycles and removing capacity-based pricing, OpenChoice Storage puts the choice to innovate, reuse and save back in the hands of IT.

Buy YOUR own storage media, from YOUR supplier, and use it where YOU want.

Buy YOUR own storage media, from YOUR supplier, and use it where YOU want.
CPU, memory and SSD technology evolve at 3-4x the rate of the standard three-year storage OEM refresh cycle, leaving you and your data center well behind the technology curve. The inability to reuse media across storage devices, even arrays from the same vendor, results in Trapped Capacity, which is storage capacity and CapEx stranded in fixed siloed environments. By disaggregating storage from compute and allowing you to use your own media, Pavilion Data does away with Lock-in Refresh Cycles, empowering you to arbitrage freely on declining SSD prices, increasing capacity and upgrade on your own timeline. Most major NVMe SSDs are already supported, and we are always qualifying new SSDs.

Flat pricing NOT tied to storage capacity; EVER!

Flat pricing NOT tied to storage capacity; EVER!
We don’t think it makes any sense for you to pay us 400% markup on SSDs that we did not manufacture, and the same goes for capacity based pricing. Why should you pay for maintenance, support and software based upon capacity? We don’t think you should be subjected to these Predatory Business Models, which is why we have one flat price, guaranteed not to change for the lifetime of the array, regardless of capacity. OPENCHOICE is designed to let you expand performance and capacity independently, just-in-time.

All-inclusive, SIMPLE, cloud-like subscription price guaranteed for the lifetime of the array.

All-inclusive, SIMPLE, cloud-like subscription price guaranteed for the lifetime of the array.
You should not have to pay today’s prices for next year’s capacity. OPENCHOICE enables you to scale performance and capacity independently. You pay a fixed price per line card and an annual subscription guaranteed not to change for the life of the array, regardless of capacity. The subscription price includes HW Warranty + Support + Maintenance + all SW features and future SW upgrades, FOREVER. And YES, we support the entire system, even if we don’t sell the storage media. The buck stops with us. Period. And when needed, license more media slots to add more drives. Any capacity drives for that matter.

Unparalleled Performance:

Scale your storage performance needs without using more rack space. Pavilion delivers up to 120 GB/s Read Bandwidth and 20 million 4K random read IOPS at direct-attached SSD latencies, from a single 4U Chassis. Perfect for the Modern massively parallel applications.

Unparalleled Performance


RF108 RF120 RF140
Raw Capacity (TB) 14 TB - 57 TB 28 TB - 115 TB 115 TB - 1 PB
Usable Capacity (TB, post-RAID6) 12 - 50 TB 24 - 101 TB 101 - 810 TB
IO Line Cards 2 5 10
Storage Controllers 4 10 20
100 Gbe Network Ports 8 20 40
System Read Bandwidth (GB/s) 20 60 120
System Write Bandwidth (GB/s) 10 30 60
4K Random Read IOPS 4,000,000 9,000,000 20,000,000
Mixed 4K Random IOPS (70:30) 1,600,000 3,200,000 8,000,000
Power Consumption (Nominal - Max) 870 - 1050 W 1440 - 1800 W 2480 - 3200 W
Heat Dissipation (Max BTU) 3584 6143 10922
System Height (Rack Units) 4 4 4
Protocol and Transport Support NVMeOF (block) over RoCE v2-Ethernet / TCP-Ethernet / Infiniband NFS (file) over TCP-Ethernet
Operating Temperature Range 10C to 35C
Non-Operating Temperature Range -40 to 70C
Humidity Range 8 to 90% (non-condensing)
Non-Operating Humidity Range 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 17.5 in W x 31.1 in D x 6.9 in H
Weight Full System - 147 lbs (66.7 kg); Half System - 116 lbs (52.6 kg)
Agency Approvals
Safety IEC/EN 60950, CB Certificate, UL60950-1 CAN/USA-C22.2 No. 60950-1, CE Mark
Emissions EN55022/CISPR 22, FCC Part 15 Class A, ICES--003 Issue 5 Class A, VCCI Class A, AS/NZS CISPR22:2009 Class A BSMI CNS 13438 Class A

*All performance measurements taken in fully-sustained mode with RAID6 enabled


Front View

Front View

Top View

Top View

Storage Capacity

Up to 72 NVMe drives of varying capacities, allowing seamless expansion from 14 TB to 1 PB in a single chassis.

Modular, Flexible & Serviceable

Scale storage capacity, bandwidth and network connectivity independently based on your application needs, all inside the same modular 4-U chassis. All components are independently serviceable and upgradable in the field. No single point of failure.

Rear View

Rear View

Performance Density

Industry’s highest bandwidth per rack-unit, at 30 GB/s per RU.


Up to 40x100 GbE ports in a single 4 rack-unit array.


Download the Pavilion Data NVMe-oFs Storage Platform Datasheet (.PDF)

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Pricing Notes:

Sorry, this product is no longer available, please contact us for a replacement.

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